All pet parents believe that their dogs are the most treasured, special things in the entire world and for good reason. Not called 'man's best friend' by mistake, there is a special connection between us and our canine companions, and we want them to have the best of the best in everything we give them. Driven by a love for our Papillon dog, Pippa, our company is centered around creating higher-quality products for pooches all around the world. 

While looking through pet stores to find the right materials for our beautiful Pippa, we found ourselves dissatisfied by the cheaply made, poorly designed collars and accessories and set out to create products that we thought worthy of our pup. Wanting to give her the finest things in life, we set out to create luxurious, high-end dog collars that our Pippa is proud to use and we are proud to see her enjoy. 

Our collection of crucial accessories for your pooch includes our handmade dog collars, dog leads and dog bandanas. We hope that Pipps by Pippa will be able to extend that same luxurious lifestyle to you and your dogs, giving you the chance to give your pup only the best of the best in terms of comfort and style with inspiration taken from all around the world. 

Pipps by Pippa uses fine materials such as 100% cotton, velvet, suede and denim, materials that are not often seen in the dog collar industry, to make our elegant collars stand out from the rest. The durable dog collar clips are even available in beautiful rose gold to offer a perfectly elegant finishing touch. 

Our items are handmade by Pippa’s Nana who lovingly sews each item with love and care that your pup deserves. 

 We hope that you'll find the perfect luxury dog accessory for your unique dog here to allow them to feel like the prince or princess that you know in your heart they are.