Pippa Meets World

Meet Pippa,  an 11 inch, tri-coloured Papillon who arrived home with us after driving across Johannesburg, South Africa, in the worst storm imaginable to view this little girl.



She loves long walks, biltong and chasing any one of her countless toys around the house and garden. A celebrity in her own right, soon after her arrival we created an Instagram page for her, @PippaMeetsWorld, where we document her adventures and life with us in gorgeous photography to show that some dogs really do live the life.


From the very beginning we wanted her to have the absolute best of everything, but as every new parent will tell you, nothing was good enough for her in our eyes. And so we set out on an adventure to create a dog brand so unique and luxurious that others would feel proud to have it adorn their best-friends. Something that was designed with a humans style in mind but still offered the rugged durability that a K9 requires.


At first, after trawling through pet stores, we struggled to find a dog bed that would complement the décor in our new home, so we decided to build one – and it was gorgeous. But what was a greater achievement than this is that Pippa loved it!


With this luxurious niche in mind we set out to find her a collar to suit her royal abode and again found ourselves in this horrid predicament. Staring at the same collars in store after store, items which served little more function than to carry a name-tag. Why should we be restricted to this selection? Why can’t these be beautiful and look more like jewelry rather than an old product which hasn’t changed with the fashion seasons. 


We researched international trends and decided to start our own brand, Pipps by Pippa, sourcing gorgeous steel clips which we had branded. Then we recruited a seamstress and spent hours in fabric shops looking for materials that you will absolutely adore which can be found in our premium collection.



These collars and beds, coupled with an imported collection of classic, unique and dazzling collars and clothes are what forms Pipps by Pippa as you see it today. Each item and our logo carry the Pippa Paw of approval. A dogs paw built around a heart, with one pad outlined to reflect our girls own paws unique colouring.




Still in our very early stages, we welcome you to come on this walk with us and watch Pippa, and her brand Pipps, grow. We look forward to dressing your pooch in only the best.


It’s more than a collar, it’s like jewelry for your dog.



 The Pipps by Pippa Family


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