How to Keep your Dog Warm this Winter

Can you think of anything worse than being cold and not being able to get warm? Imagine if you were reliant on someone to keep you comfortable? We are sure that there are many tails that are not wagging this winter because they are chilled to their bones.


Just like humans, no two dogs are the same and some may feel the cold more than others and need just a little help beating the elements. We have put together a list of ways that you can keep your dog warm this winter, whether they are cosy inside, playing in the garden outside or out on a fun-filled walk with their human.



During the cold months, it would make sense for your dog to sleep inside where it is warm or at the very least with some sort of insulated shelter from the elements. Even better, letting then snuggle beside you under blankets is a sure way to help them have the sweetest of dreams. Try putting a really nice dog bed inside the house, our range will not only compliment your decor, but will keep your dog nice and toasty too.



It can get very cold during the winter days and nights and if your dog does not have sufficient warmth it will become unpleasant. If they have to remain outside, it is critical to get them a kennel or some kind of shelter with lots of blankets, so that they can snuggle and bury themselves to keep warm.



Don’t you just love snuggling under those thick blankets when the cold creeps in? So does your dog! Make sure that you give your dog plenty of blankets to keep warm. It doesn’t matter what type of blanket, just as long as they are dry, they will keep the cold away.



You will get dogs who love being dressed up and others who hate it. But once they are accustomed to the fabric they will really appreciate the warmth. Whether your home is a bit chilly, your dog lives outside or you are taking your dog for a walk, try to keep them warm by getting them their own wardrobe. And with today’s fashion tying into doggy styles, you can even dress them to match your own unique style. Just remember, it’s not advisable to leave your dogs unattended when dressed up.



I love being wrapped in blankets at night – how about you? Wrap your dog up in a blanket at night to keep them warm. Pippa gets tucked into her own Modern Dog Bed (The Monroe) every night and as much as I’d love her to cuddle up with me, she loves the safety and comfort her own little bed provides her.



If your dog loves his/her walks it wouldn’t be very fun for them if you simply stopped their walks in winter, so it is crucial that you dress them for the occasion. Put a dog jacket or jersey on to keep them warm, as the wind can get a bit chilly. Jackets can get a big tricky when you have a harness, but you get very handy dog jackets that have slits on the back that can accommodate the leash being pulled through to make it more comfortable for your dog.



Their dog bed should always be off the floor to avoid the drafts. The cold ground can absorb a lot of heat out of your dog. Try look for a bed that is raised off the ground a little to allow for your dog to keep warm. It also makes it a lot easier to keep your house warm.



Sounds strange right? Don’t go making the water bottle overly hot, but warm one up and put it in their bed a little earlier on in the night to warm it up. Remove it just before they are about to get some shut eye and they will be climbing into a toasty bed. If the water bottle isn’t too hot, you can put it in under their bed so the heat travels up. Just make sure they can’t get to it in case it pops.



Love will always warm your dog’s heart. Don’t forget to shower your dog with lots of love, spoil them with their favourite treats and cuddle up to them often to keep them warm this winter.


We really hope that the above tips were useful and will help you to keep your dog loved and warm this very cold winter….


If you want to read up a bit more on other ways to keep your dog warm, please head on over to the below links. They really have some great advice on ways to keep your dog warm in extreme cold temperatures, which we don’t really experience in South Africa.




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